Tina Turner impersonator  Manouchka Tina Turner look alike, actress, singer, performer, entertainer, tribute artist


​​​Tina turner impersonator manouchka sosie physique, vocal, tina turner, hommage à tina turner
Tina turner impersonator manouchka entertainer, performer, singer, tina turner impersonator
Tina Turner impersonator, performer, entertainer, tribute artists
Tina turner impersonator manouchka entertainer, performer, singer, tina turner impersonator
Sosie physique, vocal, Tina Turner, hommage à Tina Turner
Tina Turner impersonator Manouchka - sosie physique et vocal de tina turner, comédienne, chanteuse, sosie

Tina Turner impersonator Manouchka is ready to rock your party.
Sosie physique et vocal de Tina Turner, Manouchka, chanteuse saura vous séduire à coup sûr!
Entertainer, performer, singer, Tina Turner impersonator
Sosie physique, vocal, Tina Turner, hommage à Tina Turner
Worlwide Singer, Actress, look alike, impersonators, France, Chanteuse, sosies, sosie Tina Turner,

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​"The look, The sound, The moves, The legs. You deserve the best"   "Let me put a little shimmer in your atmosphere"

​​​​Make your next event  "SIMPLY THE BEST" by having MANOUCHKA as Tina Turner


Tina Turner impersonator, look-alike, actress, singer, Tribute Performer​

​​Manouchka Tina Turner impersonator,Tina Turner look alike, actress, singer

​Tribute to Tina Turner  

Description of performances


Tina Turner look alike Manouchka only does live performances – no lip synching. Manouchka is able to perform with a live band or with  a disc jockey using her own pre-recorded background music. Typically her performances are: 20/30/45 (includes costume change) Tina Turner impersonator Manouchka has a large repertoire of Tina’s songs.  She will do her best to select specific songs that are the most appropriate for your occasion. Her selections will likely include many of your favorites. 


The audience is always amazed at her ability to provide a real Tina experience. To do it properly, so many things need to be taken into consideration. First there is the costume – then there is the hair (Tina from the eighties or Tina of today)  

Manouchka has also totally mastered Tina’s dance, body movements and even her facial gestures. Because Manouchka is also an actress she makes it all so believable. She is so “look alike” she is very confident with close interactions with the crowd which often involves her singing and dancing her way through the audience, or getting people up to dance with her.

Everyone, both young and old is drawn into the magic that she creates. 

Manouchka actress, singer, celebrity look alike doing her tribute act to the legendary Queen of Rock and Roll Tina Turner. Manouchka's look is incredibly versatile, she can embody Tina Turner's high energy performing style of the eighties as well as her more mellow persona of the later years.​​​​​​

MANOUCHKA, Tina Turner look impersonator interprets the greatest hits of Tina Turner  100% live backed by tracks or band  Available for: Corporate events, Hotels, Restaurants, Wedding, Anniversaries, Cruise Ships, Christmas Parties, Clubs, Receptions, Casinos.
PRICE is negotiable for low budget events!!!

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